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Onam, the festival of happiness, peace and prosperity was celebrated with great fervor at JNPS on 6 Sep 2019. The students of the Kindergarten wing celebrated the festival in their own distinctive style on 4 September.
Jyothi Nivas wore a festive look on both these days as all the students and teachers came to school, clad in their traditional attire.
The visitors room was decorated with a beautiful floral carpet. All the classrooms were also adorned with beautiful floral carpets. Class celebration was carried out midst fun and frolic. Students and class teachers were seen exchanging pleasantries with each other. They entertained themselves with onappatt and dances. They started the tasty delicacies of Onam – banana chips, sweets and payasam too.
After the class celebration, the students assembled in the auditorium at 10:00 am. The pupils of classes VII and XII enthralled the audience with variety entertainments programme. The presence of Mahabali – the demon king – added a special grandeur to the occasion. Principal Rev. Sr. Navya and Mahabali addressed the students wishing them a very happy and prosperous Onam. After the distribution of ‘payasam’ the gathering dispersed. Thereafter the school was closed for Onam vacation. The teachers left the campus after enjoying a sumptuous Onam meal.

FIT India Movement is a nationwide campaign aimed at encouraging people to include physical activity and sports in everyday lives. It was an initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to commemorate the National Sports day. The inaugural event was held at the Indiara Gandhi Stadium Complex in New Delhi on Thu. 29th Aug. 2019.
All the students from grade 5 to 8 along with their teachers our school witnessed the live telecast of the inaugural ceremony at the school auditorium from 10:00 am to 11 am. In his inaugural address, PM Modi said that a healthy India is his goal. He emphasized on a strict control on peoples life styles.
The pupils were inspired and motivated by the programmes which aimed at encouraging people to give priority to sports and fitness in day to day life. Students realized the importance of keeping themselves healthy and fit.

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Birthdays are important and momentous occasion to celebrate and reflect on our unique mission on earth. It signifies the joy of life. On 19 August 2019, we the Jyothians felt blessed to be a part of the birthday celebration of our adorable Principal Rev. Sr. Navya UMI. Students and teachers were exulted and excited to celebrate the occasion. After the school assembly, the celebration began with the cutting of the cake in the benign presence of our Manger Rev. Sr. Siji and Vice Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Benny. The senior and the junior school captains wished the Sister and Junior school captain wished and sister expressed their love by offering a bouquet of flowers. This was followed by the class representatives who presented sister with a rose flower which symbolized their affection and adoration towards the guiding light of the institution. A PowerPoint presentation entitled “Reflection from the Jyothian Campus” re-energized the glorious moment.
In her message, Sr. Navya acknowledged the efforts taken by the staff and students to make the occasion memorable. She offered her special thanks to the class teachers and the students of class VIII-A, who took the initiative for the celebration. After the dispersal, sweets were distributed to the staff and students.

To instill the spirit of patriotism and to recognize the struggle of freedom movement, the 73rd Independence Day was observed in the school on August 15, 2019.

The National Flag was hoisted by the Principal Rev. Sr. Navya at 840 am. This was followed by the rendition of the National Anthem. The leading faculty, members of the school council, students, non-teaching staff and a few parents were present on the occasion.
In her Independence Day message, Principal Sr Navya exhorted the students to work in a unified manner for the betterment of the nation at large. She beckoned the students to understand the need of the hour and to lend services to their brethren who have fallen victims to the natural calamities that shook many parts of India. After the distribution of sweets, the gathering was formerly dispersed at 9:30 am.

Recognising the Academic Excellence

Awards not only acknowledge success, but they recognize other qualities viz. ability, struggle and effort put in by the students to achieve it.
Recognizing the outstanding achievement and to encourage them to do better, the Life Insurance Corporation of India, Aluva branch felicitated the toppers of classes LKG to X. In a formal meeting held in the auditorium after the assembly on 7 August 2019, the Regional Manager of LIC Aluva Branch, Mr. Ajayan presented the meritorious students with trophies and certificates. In his speech, he informed the students that this initiative was undertaken as a part of social welfare programme to motivate the students to fare better in their studies.

JYOTHI FEST – School Youth Festival 2 & 3 August 2019

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School youth festivals are the cradle of students’ artistic and cultural development. It is a forum where young artistic talents are discovered.
To unravel the hidden talents and innate potentials, the literary and art festival of JNPS was held on 2nd and 3rd August 2019. The inaugural ceremony was held in the school auditorium at 9:00 am and it marked the commencement of the fest. In the inaugural address, Vice Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Benny motivated the students to perform well and win laurels in the various events.
Literary competitions like Recitation, Elocution, Extempore speech, Power speech, music and dance in various forms and mime were all presented at the fest. It gave the students an opportunity to bring their artistic, literary and creative talents to limelight. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners of various competitions. The Youth Festival thus helped the students to develop the qualities of mutual respect, teamwork, love, communal harmony, and above all boosted their level of confidence.

A quiz is a mind sport intended to test our knowledge and to keep ourselves updated. In a joint venture to inculcate reading habits in students and to keep themselves informed of the current affairs, an inter house quiz competition was conducted on 17 July 2019 at the school auditorium. There were four participants representing each of the four houses i.e. Keats, Tagore, Shakespeare and Wordsworth. The quiz covered topics related to Science, Sports, Literature and Current Affairs. The quiz was led by Dr. Beena, teaching faculty. After many exiting rounds of quizzing, Wordsworth house emerged victorious scoring the first position, followed by the Shakespeare and Keats in the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

Arts & Crafts Competitions

In accordance with the famous quote of John C. Maxwell, ‘A leader who produces other leaders multiplies their influences’, Jyothi Nivas Public School is trying to bring out good leaders with great potential for the future development and betterment of the society.
In this venture, a pioneering effort was initiated to instill leadership qualities in the very young minds and thus the Junior Student Council came into existence.

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In a grand investiture ceremony held with great zest and zeal, in the school auditorium, the new office-bearers of the Junior Student Council took charge under the leadership of Master Arjun Antony as the Junior Head Boy and Miss Sreya Maria Saju as the Junior Head Girl.
Mr. Suresh P., Assistant Sub Inspector of Police, Aluva East, was the distinguished guest of the day. The event began with a prayer song followed by a formal welcome address. Then the Chief Guest Mr. Suresh P. inaugurated the ceremony by lighting the holy lamp along with Principal Rev. Sr. Navya, Rev. Sr. Lucia, Rev. Sr. Binsy and Vice Principal Ms. Elizabeth Benny.
In his inaugural address, the Chief Guest exhorted the students to uphold the values and integrity and live as responsible citizens.
The leaders were conferred with badges and sashes after which they solemnly took oath pledging their loyalty towards the institution.
It was a marvelous sight for the parents to witness their little ones getting invested with responsibilities to pursue their journey as leaders.
Students of the XI grade entertained the audience with a scintillating dance performance.
The ceremony concluded with the formal presentation of Vote of thanks followed by National Anthem rendered by the School Band Troupe.

28 JUNE 2019

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

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JNPS always strives to inculcate a sense of responsibility and commitment among the students ready to shoulder responsibilities assigned to them. The Investiture Ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers.

The first mega event of the new academic year, the Investiture Ceremony was organized with great pomp, splendor and dignity on 28 June 2019 in the school auditorium. Mr. Abdul Azis, Sub Inspector of Police, Aluva East was the esteemed Chief Guest of the day.

The ceremony commenced with a soulful rendition offered by the school choir. This was followed by the formal presentation of the welcome address. A spirit of unity and dynamism filled the arena as holy lamp was lit by the honourable dignitaries. After this, the chief guest addressed the gathering. Under the leadership of Master Kain Shammy and Ms. Anagha Sabu the newly elected student council leaders – ‘the dealers of hope’, then marched on to the stage with gaiety. The ceremony was harmonized with a power point presentation in which the elected leaders’ profile was displayed on the screen.

The leaders were honoured with badges and sashes by the Chief Guest Mr. Abdul Aziz, Principal Rev. Sr. Navya, Manger Sr. Siji and Vice Principal Ms. Elizabeth Benny. The school flag of honour was formally exchanged by the former and newly elected leaders.

Donning the mantle of responsibility the student council 2019, took the oath. Principal Rev. Sr. Navya administered the oath of office. The leaders pledged to work earnestly for the betterment of the institution. This was followed by a musical composition, which induced in them a spirit of leadership.

It was a proud moment for all the parents to witness their children being invested with great responsibilities which embarks on a new journey as leaders.

Then, with flags held high, and fluttering in the air, heads standing tall, the ceremony concluded with the student council leaders marching down the stage back to pavilion.

Following the Investiture Ceremony, the former leaders expressed their gratitude for helping them discharge their duties earnestly as school captains in the year 2018-19. After this a fantastic dance performance was portrayed by the danseuse of grade XI.

After the Investiture Ceremony, we had an ‘Award Ceremony’ in which the top scorers of AISSCE and AISSE Board Examination 2018-19 were felicitated.

Principal Rev. Sr. Navya, Manager Rev. Sr. Siji, Rev. Sr. Lucia, Vice Principal Ms. Elizabeth Benny and senior faculty Ms. Jainee Reju, Ms. Nirmala Thomas, Mr. Sethu Gopal presented trophies and Certificates of Merit to the winners. A few of the teaching faculty were also honoured for their professional excellence on the occasion.

Finally, the Jyothi of the Year 2018 was awarded to Master Karthik S Nair, the most promising outgoing student of 2018-19.

The ceremony finally concluded when the energetic band troupe played the National Anthem with the spirit of leadership lingering in the Jyothian premises.


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School is an important arena for equipping young people with knowledge that could benefit the political system. It provides an opportunity for learning through practice.

Mock elections are frequently conducted in schools as a pedagogical tool to teach ‘politics’ more interesting and lively.

The school General Elections at Jyothi Nivas was held on 18 June 2019 when all the students from grade VI to XII exercised their franchise to elect leaders of their choice for the school parliament.

About 36 students competed for various posts. The students cast their vote on the ballot paper and dropped it into the ballot box. The school auditorium turned out to be the polling booth from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Thus a democratic procedure was set in pace, which ultimately culminated in the formation of student council 2019-20.



The first day of school for the kids is a major milestone in their lives as well as their parents because both of them go through a mixture of emotions. It means the end of a nonchalant phase and the welcoming of another chapter of their life.
June 13th, the reopening day for the tiny tots of Jyothi Nivas Lower Kindergarten was marked with more of smiles rather than the tears or fears, acceptance of new culture and setting in new environment.
The welcome party hosted by the management and faculty filled the air with jubilance. The little ones stepped into their abode of learning accompanied by their parents. Clad in animal fur suits, the higher class students welcomed the little ones. Principal Rev. Sr. Navya formally addressed the gathering.
To enhance the ceremonial occasion there was a cake cutting ceremony, followed by variety entertainment programme, which filled their hearts and minds.
Then the children moved to their classes, accompanied by their parents. After spending a little time with their class teachers, they bid them goodbye, looking forward for more fun and frolic the next day.

Under the auspices of the ‘International Yoga Day’ a special assembly was conducted in the school auditorium on 21 June 2019.
The students presented a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of ‘Praanayama and yoga asanas’ which is a promise for a healthier and happier life. Live demonstration of the different asanas in the Sooryanamaskara stole the show. It advocated the wholesome development of a healthy body, healthy mind and soul.
All the students from different grade joined the celebration by performing the asanas along with the Yoga Instructor. Warm up exercises were taken and the students performed sitting exercises too.
As our Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointed, “Yoga is a valuable gift of India’s cultural tradition which embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action, restraint and fulfillment, harmony between man and nature. It is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.”
The celebrations at the school level was a gentle reminder to keep our mental, emotional and physical health before anything else and t take time to nourish and nurture it. Regular practice of yoga will help our students achieve a better life physically, mentally and spiritually as well.

‘Quality is not an act, but a habit’

Personality and career development seminars, motivational classes and awareness programmes, rejuvenate the mentors and students to widen their outlook.
The academic year 2019-20, at JNPS dawned with ice breaking sessions on personality development to teachers that helped them to enhance their communicative skills and boos the self confidence in them. The Orientation programme for teachers was held on 24 & 25 May. Ms. Sijimol, Ms. Geeta and Dr. George Thomas led the sessions which enriched the teachers and motivated them to develop a passion for teaching.
A child’s growth is dependent on the sensible role of parents along with teachers. It is the joint effort of the trio – the parents, teachers and the school that help the child develop his personality. When families are involved in education of their children in positive ways, children maximize their untapped potentials and demonstrate a positive attitude and behavior. A good parent-teacher relationship is a pre-requite to inculcate healthy and congenial environment that enhance the pupil’s learning ability. Keeping this in mind, Orientation programmes were conducted for the parents of students of the KG section, Classes I to IV, IX to XII and VI to VIII on 7th June (afternoon), 8the June and 14th June respectively.
The motivational classes were led by Mr. Eldho Poulose, Dr. Siju Thomas Thottappilly, Father Manoj Plathottathil and Mr. K.V. Anoop Kumar. The parents were given an insight on the present scenario of learning. All the speakers focused on the joint efforts of the parents and teachers in the upbringing of a child. The focus was on social abuses like drug trafficking, the harmful aspects that ensue out of overuse of electronic gadgets and importance of good parenting.
The Orientation classes were followed by a interactive session between the parents and teachers which was intended to apprise the parents about the ethos and environment of Jyothi Nivas, the evaluation criteria followed as per the CBSE guidelines and the grading system followed.
Queries of parents were clarified by the teachers of the respective sessions. The programmes ended on a positive note with parents leaving, contented, informed and relieved.

**** NEW YEAR 2019-20 BEGINS ****


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Congratulations to Mr. Satyajith S of IX B. He has won IInd rank at the National Championship of the “Scientia Exertus” 2015-16 in Category III held at Pawar Public School, Kandivali West, Mumbai on 29 October 2017.

SPORTS DAY 2017 with Shri Joby Mathew (International Sports Person)
Annual Sports Meet was held on 25th and 26th August 2017. It was remarkable days that showcased the enthusissm and team spirit of all the four houses of Jyothi Nivas. The Guest of Honour was Shri Joby Mathew, an Indian International Arm Wrestler who has won medals at multiple international events.

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Joyous moments on the Birthday of Sr. Principal


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Awareness class on how to fight fire and provide relief measures in times of need was conducted by officials from the FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT, Aluva on August 3, 12017.

Green Campus
Keeping in tune with this year’s theme ‘Green Campus’, potted saplings were distributed to each class on 2nd August 2017. This activity aims to increase the awareness among students to appreciate nature’s beauty and to encourage them to take forward the call to protect the earth.

The competitions of football and throwball was conducted on 29th July 2017. Field events kept the audience spellbound. All the four houses completed in the spirit of true sportsmanship.



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Opening of the KG Section

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Environment Day June 5

The inaugural ceremony of the new school year 2017-18.

  • Salesia Memorial Interschool Competitions on 2 November 2019