Kindergarten Panorama

To blend learning with fun and develop confidence in students, fancy dress competition was conducted on 16 November in the school auditorium. It was indeed a magnificent sight to see the creativity of the little ones being portrayed.

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In order to engage the Kindergarten in learning and discovery through hands on experimentation, various activities that allow kids to develop creative abilities and explore their innate talents were organised in the kindergarten section.

“Arts and music gives wings to imagination and life to everything”

Kindergarten section conducted Cultural Events on 28th and 29th of October 2019.

“ A good sport should be a source of entertainment for the participants as well as spectators .“

The sports day of KG was held on 11th October 2019 with various events.

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Colours Month-July 2019

Cultural events and activities by the buddies added charm to the month.

Smiley day – June 28th 2019

Smiling competition and activities based on smiley.

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The first day of school for the kids is a major milestone in their lives as well as their parents because both of them go through a mixture of emotions. It means the end of a nonchalant phase and the welcoming of another chapter of their life.
June 13th, the reopening day for the tiny tots of Jyothi Nivas Lower Kindergarten was marked with more of smiles rather than the tears or fears, acceptance of new culture and setting in new environment.
The welcome party hosted by the management and faculty filled the air with jubilance. The little ones stepped into their abode of learning accompanied by their parents. Clad in animal fur suits, the higher class students welcomed the little ones. Principal Rev. Sr. Navya formally addressed the gathering.
To enhance the ceremonial occasion there was a cake cutting ceremony, followed by a variety entertainment programme, which filled their hearts and minds.
Then the children moved to their classes, accompanied by their parents. After spending a little time with their class teachers, they bid them goodbye, looking forward for more fun and frolic the next day.

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