Biology Lab

Science laboratories play a very important role in moulding the future of the students. Many of the famous scientists and researchers developed their life long interests in Science, from their science labs only, where they conduct their first science lab experiment. It is therefore a pre-requisite for schools to invest in science laboratory equipment so as to give birth to highly skilled and competent society and technological labor force, who assure the country of a great future in the field of medical science and technological development.

Scientific temperaments usually blossom in ‘young minds’.

No wonder the Biology lab, situated in the ground floor, closer to the front office building of Jyothi Nivas is indeed a place of attraction for both the little ones and adolescents alike.
It is infrastructurally well designed to perform two basic functions, i.e., it serves as a foundation for both theoretical and practical learning.The scientific and laboratory equipment, the wide area of work space, the charts and models- especially the human skeletal system model and the array of plant specimen displayed on the shelves are indeed conducive for excellent communication between students and teachers. Here it is worth noting that the environmental factors are incorporated for the benefit of learning. Thus, it provides opportunity for both the students and teachers to work collaboratively. No wonder this lab has been an alluring place for all children.