Jyothi Nivas offers students a stimulating learning environment With a world class trend setting.

Facilities Available for students

The School has Library, Computer Labs, Digital class rooms, Audio Visual room, Math’s Lab, Science Labs, Life Skill education, Leadership skills, Prayer facilities, School transport, Medical service, Educational tour and picnics, counseling, Value Education programmes, Public speaking, School Band, School Choir etc.

Fit India Movement

For any society or Nation to progress, it is important that their citizens are physically fit. The challenges of the modern day life has brought along with it the need to be more physically proactive and fit in order to face its challenges with optimum energy and positivity. Fit children are able to handle day-to-day physical and emotional challenges better. However, for a holistic and intrinsically healthy lifestyle, awareness and support for fitness movement is more essential than ever. On 29 August 2019, the Honourable Prime Minister launched nation-wide “Fit India Movement” aimed to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their everyday lives and daily routine. So as to take this mission forward, CBSE has decided that each year second and third week in November, a total of 6 working days, will be celebrated as “FITNESS WEEK” in all its affiliated schools.

Glimpses of the Fitness Week Celebration in our school.

Computer Lab

A Computer Lab is a space which provides computer services to a defined community. The computers in the school lab have been upgraded with appropriate software to enable the students to compile and run programs as per the syllabus. Information Technology enhances the teaching skills and the learning ability.The Senior, Junior computer labs on the other hand enable the students to learn. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software, multimedia technology. Audio visual education which caters to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum.The teachers of Computer Science department prepare our students to develop the usage of animation and graphic tools, Python programming skills, Data service, Artificial Intelligence and network collaboration.
The lab is equipped with a dedicated broadband internet connection for enterprising students to get a change to be familiar with the internet and other tools. They do comprehensive research for their presentations.

Physics Lab

The school has a well equipped, ventilated and spacious physics laboratory for secondary and senior secondary classes. Students are taken to laboratory following a regulated time table, where they perform various experiments on their own and hence retain the knowledge.
The laboratory have permanent working tables with granite tops. There are plug points at each table and also on the walls. It has a store and also a dark room for conducting light experiments.

Chemistry Lab

In order to foster scientific enquiry in students by letting them test and verify various theories and principles of chemistry, the school has well equipped, chemistry laboratory. The purpose is to impart elementary knowledge and basic practical techniques among the students. Here students enjoy to analyse various skills of chemistry Practical. We have a well equipped Chemistry Lab having complete equipment required for conducting all experiments mandated by CBSE. Electronic and chemical balances, all the requisite apparatus are made available to the students in adequate numbers to prepare them for practical exams as well as higher studies afterwards.The lab can accommodate 24 students at a time. Practical classes done in batches inculcate the spirit of “one team-one goal” in these budding scientists.
The excitement before and sense of achievement after the practical session is always a treat to watch. The best moment of the lab experience is when the students of junior classes come and get their first exposure to the world of science, with wide open mouths.

Biology Lab

Science laboratories play a very important role in moulding the future of the students. Many of the famous scientists and researchers developed their life long interests in Science, from their science labs only, where they conduct their first science lab experiment. It is therefore a pre-requisite for schools to invest in science laboratory equipment so as to give birth to highly skilled and competent society and technological labor force, who assure the country of a great future in the field of medical science and technological development.

Scientific temperaments usually blossom in ‘young minds’.

No wonder the Biology lab, situated in the ground floor, closer to the front office building of Jyothi Nivas is indeed a place of attraction for both the little ones and adolescents alike.
It is infrastructurally well designed to perform two basic functions, i.e., it serves as a foundation for both theoretical and practical learning.The scientific and laboratory equipment, the wide area of work space, the charts and models- especially the human skeletal system model and the array of plant specimen displayed on the shelves are indeed conducive for excellent communication between students and teachers. Here it is worth noting that the environmental factors are incorporated for the benefit of learning. Thus, it provides opportunity for both the students and teachers to work collaboratively. No wonder this lab has been an alluring place for all children.


A library is the heart and soul an educational institution. At our library we have books and resources that cater to the tastes and needs of everyone at school. Libraries play a vital role in providing people with reliable content. They encourage and promote the process of learning and grasping knowledge. In our school library, books are categorized and kept in separate shelves under different heads. There is a large collection of novels, short stories, poems, travelogues and plenty of educational books in addition to many magazines, periodicals and newspapers also make our school library a place of attraction. Library can engage students with learning in many ways; moreover, teachers and students can make use of the reference section in the library with the help of librarian. School library is a blessing in disguise for both the students and teachers. Books inspire, motivate, encourage and always make us see the right path.
Total Number of books: 8060
Periodicals: 15
Reference Books:3700


The school provides bus service for the convenience of the students. Students who opt for the school bus transportation have to avail the bus facility throughout the academic year.
Norms and conditions for those who wish to avail the bus facility:
1. The bus fee has to be remitted through the bank in the months – June, August, November and January. Bus fees will not be collected in the school office.
2.Bus facility should be availed for the whole year. No one shall withdraw from commuting by the school bus any time before the end of the academic year. In case of such withdrawal the fees for 10 months should be paid.
3.Parents should be willing to comply with the revision of bus charge to meet the hike in diesel price and cost of maintenance.
4. The school will not provide alternative facilities to students who miss the bus.
5. As a safety measure, the students should not put their hands and head out of the bus. After alighting, they should wait till the bus leaves.
6. If the student is indisciplined and cause any damage to the bus the parent will pay for the damage, and the child will not be allowed to avail the bus facility.
7. The child is to be brought to and fetched from the fixed bus stop point at the fixed time.
8. The bus charges come under 4 slots according to the distances travelled one way.
Transport facility is provided to students to have access to and fro from towns: the longest distances are Choondy, Campanypady, Chowara, Thalakkolly, Mannam, Koduvazhanga, Neduvannoor.