Sr. Navya



Greetings to all parents, students, staff and other visitors to the new updated website of our school, I trust your journey through the website would be fruitful, and that we have been able to put across the essentials of what our school is all about through the pages on the side.
Since its inception in 1993, the school has grown from strength to strength enhancing its facilities and teaching methodology and have carved out a niche for itself on the educational scenario with high academic standards and excellence in various co-curricular activities. Academic subjects and co-curricular activities are integrated in a manner designed to inculcate in our pupils the qualities associated with academic study as also to those of leadership, life skills ,teamwork, communication skill, life skills life skills life skills.
We enable our students to discover the deeper meaning of life and of transcendence, to think independently and critically, speak for justice and truth and become agents of empowerment and social transformation. The school is contributing intensely in churning out a value oriented society. The highly motivated faculty is passionately committed in bringing out the best in each pupil whatever his/her talents and strengths.
The school has a strong belief that knowledge alone can enlighten human mind and transform every child and to bring peace and harmony in the world. We believe in raring a generation of nation builders who put service before self. Every child in the school is an individual who will go on to build the nation as a whole for which we equip our children with internal motivation and discipline. The school has a track record of academic excellence as well as co-curricular competency in art, sports and other creative fields.
As principal of Jyothi Nivas Senior Secondary school I congratulate the faculty, staff of the school for the standards the school has already achieved in its march from inception to what it is today. I am Sanguine that we the faculty ,parents and students of Jyothi Nivas Senior Secondary school will join hands to continue taking our school to ever greater heights in the future